Beta Tasks

If any task failed please copy the url that was provided and paste it in the additional comments field in the Feedback form.

Task 1: Create an Account

Login/Signup | Email Client

This task will have you create an account using a valid email address, avatar, and password.

If you have different emails please feel free trying this multiple times :) try different length passwords and different character arrangements.

Task 2: Uploading a Video

Dashboard | Upload

This task requires you to have an account. If you have an account please upload a video(s) trying different resolutions, characters, etc.

Did you receive the "Video Uploaded" email?

Task 3: Watch a Video

Home | Category | Search

For this task if you could watch a video and try out the controls such as play/pause; mute/unmute; and the fullscreen button.

Make sure the video works, and the description looks right.

Try finding a video in the category page or through the search function.

Task 4: Create an Opus Collection

Dashboard | Opus Collection

For this task if you could create an Opus Collection. Note that this task requires you to have video(s) uploaded to your account.

Add new videos to the collection and even edit the collection.

Task 5: View a Collection


This task is to watch an Opus Collection and navigate through the controls. Watch all videos, allow the auto play to kick-in.

Task 6: View an Opus Creator's Profile

Profile | Search

Click on a profile name or search for an Opus Creator and click on their name.

Task 7: Follow an Opus Creator

Profile | Home | Video

For this task you are tasked with following an Opus Creator. Then see if you can see their video(s) in the follower feed on the home page.

Task 8: General Navigation

All Pages | Sitemap

For this task if you could just simply click on buttons and links. Do you think they're appropriately titled? Do they link where they should? Are these buttons and links placed in logical places?